Diseases Caused By Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a deadly disease that has become very common these days. There are a number of diseases that a person could start suffering from if he suffers from diabetes.
A condition wherein the sugar level in the blood increases unusually is known as diabetes mellitus, plainly referred to as diabetes. Diabetes mellitus is an ailment that ought to be treated immediately and may be kept within the normal limits as it can have negative effects on the body giving rise to other disorders if left untreated. Enlisted below are a number of the diseases that can be linked to diabetes mellitus. With increased blood sugar levels, the eyes get damaged. The most typical eye disease caused due to diabetes mellitus is diabetic retinopathy. As the high blood sugar levels become constant in someone, it slowly begins changing the blood circulatory system of the retina. 
The arteries that support the retina are damaged, leaking blood along with other liquids that cause swelling of the tissues underlying the retina. The longer one is affected with diabetes mellitus the more the man gets predisposed towards this eye disease. As blood is filtered through the kidneys, the waste materials are squeezed out through the small blood vessels of the kidney. These then become part of the pee and helpful products like red blood cells and proteins are kept and remain in the blood. 
Diabetes mellitus damages this procedure by making the kidneys filter surplus quantity of blood. At last the kidneys fail leaving only two choices – kidney transplant or have the blood filtered by a machine via a process known as dialysis.
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