10-minute procedure offers solution for age-related near vision loss

By Melinda Carstensen
When Terri Rhinehart turned 40, everything started to get blurry. Rhinehart, who owns an engineering and software company in Portland, Oregon, suddenly couldn’t read menus, books in low light, or the small numbers she’d need to register when doing accounting for her business. She got reading glasses, but she had to keep asking for a stronger prescription when her eyesight continued to worsen.
“I had to bring out a magnifying glass for some things,” 50-year-old Rhinehart told FoxNews.com. “I would feel dizzy; I just didn’t feel right.” She also used glasses to see at a distance until getting LASIK surgery, which is only used to correct nearsightedness.
Rhinehart was suffering from presbyopia, or age-related near vision loss, which affects the entire world population and, until now in the United States, could be remedied only with reading glasses or surgeries that would compromise either the contrast or richness of color people perceive, or would affect distance vision. But now, Americans have another option to help them see up close that does not affect other aspects of vision: a small, removable inlay that manipulates the amount of light entering the eye.
“Every day it’s getting better and better,” said Rhinehart, who got the KAMRA inlay in early September, following the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of the procedure in April. “I’m only a week and a day out, and I can already read small print, I can read on my phone, I can read menus when I go to restaurants.”….
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Source: Fox News