We came across this article and wanted to share it. However kidney pain is not something to ignore as you can develop an infection, kidney stones or kidney problems from a disease such as diabetes. Always seek the advice of a medical professional. – MDA

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Kidney pain is not normal. Kidneys are one of the crucial organs in our body that performs the function of excretion. They are primarily responsible for regulating various functions, like maintaining acid-base balance, leveling electrolytes balance, and also regulating blood pressure. Kidneys flush out waste products from the body in the form of feces and urine while straining and retaining useful components inside the body. Due to many reasons, like eating habits and other body infections, the functioning and efficiency of kidneys gets hampered. Sometimes malfunctioning may also results in terrible and unbearable pain in kidneys. In contrast to males, females are at more risk to get prone to the kidney infection. The pain is curable and can be treated with much efficiency at home itself.


•Bleeding inside kidney
•Tumor in kidney
•Urinary tract infection
•Blood coagulation in kidney veins
•Horseshoe kidney (where both kidneys fused together and form a horseshoe like structure)
•Stone inside kidney
•Enlarged prostate
•Blocked or hindered flow of urine


•Pain in the lower back

•Feverish feeling

•Shivering, accompanied by chills

•Feeling fatigue

•Loss of appetite

•Burning sensation while urination

•Bleeding while urinating

•Foul smelling urine or often cloudy urine
Bedwetting (generally in case of children)

•Pain in the lower abdomen

Home Remedies

 1. Water

Whenever you suffer from any kidney related disorder or pain, water is the foremost thing that can cure your disease. Water is really essential for your kidneys as it helps them flush toxins out of your body, effectively. It is highly recommended that you should consume at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day…..read more: http://www.healthdigezt.com/13-effective-home-remedies-for-kidney-pain/

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