7 Foods That Will Naturally Support Your Dog’s Vision

Dogs are susceptible to cataracts, glaucoma, and other vision-threatening ailments. Here are seven foods that support ocular health.
by: Marybeth Bittel  
I’ve had and fostered dogs who were blind; pups who were vision impaired; and aging dogs whose vision gradually diminished over time. Many animal behaviorists will tell you that a dog with decreased vision can often learn to get along reasonably well, in a stable home environment with a fairly predictable floor plan. This is because canines depend so heavily on their sense of smell and hearing.
However, it’s also true that dogs — just like humans — are susceptible to cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and a host of other vision-threatening ailments. So why not give our pets as many sensory advantages as possible? The daily dietary choices we make for our canines can either support or hinder optimal health. Many of these choices may help support healthier vision, as well.
You can easily harvest a bumper crop of wholesome winter fruits and veggies that help promote pooch peeper wellness. Add in a few other produce aisle staples, and your grocery list is now naturally geared toward bright eyes and bushy tails. Remember that regular vet visits remain vital, as nutritional value alone can’t always treat or prevent certain health issues. But these whole foods contain compounds that could help safeguard the way your pup sees the world.
1. Pumpkin
Turns out, there’s a reason Charlie Brown called it great. Besides being a known digestive healer and regulator, pumpkin is packed with multiple carotenoids that provide that beautiful bright orange color. According to holistic veterinarian Dr. Joanne Stefanatos, author of Animals and Man, zeaxanthin and lutein help support overall eye health; and beta-carotene helps squash (ha, see what I did there) free radicals. My own aging pup Grant especially loves toasted pumpkin seeds, which serve up zinc, inflammation-busting Omega-3, and immunity-enhancing phytosterols. Simply spread some raw seeds on a cookie sheet, give them a misting of olive oil, and stir occasionally as you bake in a 300-degree-F oven for about 30 minutes…….
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