The Macular Degeneration Association came across this great article on healthy eating. We need to eat healthy for our eyes, brain and body but sometimes it can boring. In the article they give ways to make healthy eating fun.
Posted by: Kurt Raven
Let’s face it. Sometimes, eating the same healthy foods, day in and day out, can get a little boring after a while. However, eating healthy does not have to be so lackluster. Let’s look at a few ways to make healthy eating more fun.
1. Banish the Boring Breakfast
Breakfast is often the one meal that is very routine and regimented. Many people eat the exact same foods every single day for breakfast. While that may work for some, it might drive others to feel frustrated and bored with the usual healthy morning staples. Instead of your typical first-meal fare, switch up your usual routine and eat something less conventional. Fire up your taste buds with some healthy ethnic food. Enjoy a fiber-filled stir-fry or vegetable salad, instead of the blah egg-white omelet. Have lunch or dinner dishes in the morning.
2. Spruce Up Your Salads
Salads are a health-food staple, but the same salad can lose its appeal if you don’t get creative with the ingredients. For your base, incorporate a variety of different lettuces and greens each time. Use different veggies for each salad, with an array of textures and colors, and give unusual veggies, such as jicama or marinated artichokes, a whirl. Try a range of delicious proteins, such as grilled fish or chicken, marinated tofu, edamame, lentils or beans. For a healthy crunch, toss in homemade whole-grain croutons, roasted nuts, seeds or soynuts. Lastly, don’t rely on bottled dressings to jazz up your salads — make your own dressings from scratch instead! Just mix an oil (canola, olive, grapeseed, etc.) with a vinegar or other acid (such as Dijon mustard), add your favorite herbs and spices, and shake it up in a screw-top jar just before serving. Refrigerate any leftover dressing.
3. Explore New Restaurants
Many restaurants are now expanding their menus and developing new dishes for those diners looking for healthier options. Visit a new eatery and try something out of the ordinary. Of course, to ensure you stick to your healthy eating plan, explore the restaurant’s menu online first (if they have one) and select a healthy option ahead of time, or ask your server what lighter menu items are available.
4. Select Unique Spices & Seasonings
Herbs and spices add a ton of flavor without adding fat, salt and sugar. You probably have your go-to spices and herbs, but don’t be afraid to think outside the typical spice rack. There is a plethora of exotic and lesser-known spices and seasonings that can delight your palate and get you excited about healthy eating again. Next time you’re grocery shopping, pick out a new, usual spice or seasoning and do a little experimenting in your kitchen. Curry powder, ginger, turmeric, anise, cardamom, dried chipotle peppers, garam masala, harissa seasoning and dried savory leaves are just a few to try….Read more:
source: Health Digezt