By Nick Ng
Dr. Harriet Hall, M.D., editor of the website Science-Based Medicine, highlighted the use of acupuncture to treat age-related macular degeneration (AMD) last month. She mentioned that Stephen S. Rodrigues, an acupuncturist from Dallas, Texas, had referred to her a website that advertised an acupuncture treatment known as the Santa Fe protocol that promised to “reverse vision loss from macular degeneration in 4 days or your money back.” The article was written by Alston C. Lundgren, once a family physician who turned to the practice of acupuncture. While such a claim can make some people believe that acupuncture can treat AMD, a major cause of blindness in older adults, Dr. Hall casts her doubts upon the claim and the study used to back up the promise that appears on the Santa Fe protocol website. The criteria used by Dr. Hall to evaluate the claim that acupuncture can treat certain kinds of blindness is useful in spotting which reported medical “miracles” are also unproven and ineffective.
AMD comes in two types: wet and dry. According to Dr. Hall, dry macular degeneration constitutes about 90 percent of AMD patients, while the wet version makes up the remaining 10 percent. According to the Mayo Clinic, dry AMD is the gradual loss of sight in the center field of vision and is caused by deterioration of the macula, which is the center of the retina. Wet AMD is the leaking of blood and other fluids in the blood vessels that are beneath the retina in the back of the eye. While current medicine cannot cure dry AMD, wet AMD can be treated with anti-VEGF, which slows the disease’s progress.
Dr. Lundgren claims that the Santa Fe protocol treats both wet and dry AMD,…
Source: Guardian Liberty Voice