Augusta clinic lets blind, visually impaired practice golf

by; Shelby Reynolds
 Envision Golf Tournament

About 40 blind and visually impaired golfers were paired with mentors Monday evening to wrap up Envision’s fourth annual golf clinic at Augusta Country Club.
To learn more about Envision and its programs, contact Bonnie Cochran, director of support programs, at 316-440-1510.
AUGUSTA — Ashley Farr lined up with the golf ball, her face showing complete concentration. She swung. She missed. “Man,” the 10-year-old said, frustrated. Her volunteer mentor, Kyle Trebbe, switched out golf balls and helped Ashley, who is visually impaired, get better aligned in front of the tee. The second swing was a solid one, sending the ball more than 10 yards away.
Ashley was among about 30 blind and visually impaired golfers who participated Monday in the close of Envision’s summer golf clinic. With the help of about 40 volunteers, the golfers completed a nine-hole golf tournament at Augusta Country Club. “That’s the coolest sight I see all summer,” said Bonnie Cochran, Envision’s director of support programs.
Through its research and rehabilitation centers, Envision aims to inspire and improve the quality of life of the blind and visually impaired through employment and education outreach. Blind and visually impaired golfers at the clinic – who ranged in age from 5 to 70 –  
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 Source: The Wichita Eagle