Blurry vision? Blame all the processed food and chocolates

by: Debjani Arora 
If you are eating the right foods that are good for your heart, then you are doing your eyes a great favor. Seriously, foods that help keep your heart healthy also prevent premature aging of eyes. The reason: both the heart and the eyes function on the same principle. Like your heart, your eyes are also vascular and have a network of blood vessels and capillaries that help them to function. These blood vessels and capillaries send nutrients and oxygen to the retina that helps your eyes stay healthy. Damages done to these blood vessels can hamper your vision. While there can be a number of health issues like diabetes, kidney disease, etc., that can affect your eyes, your diet to some extent also plays an important role. Here are seven reasons to visit an ophthalmologist today.
Salad dressings: Eating salads for your eyes is a good practice, but drowning them in salad dressings is a bad idea. Most of these salad dressings are processed and high in trans fats. Adding dollops of it to your salads is going to rob the nutrients off the humble green vegetables packed with vitamin C that is good for eyes. These in turn would make the blood vessels constricted, making your eyes fatigued due to lack of oxygen and nutrients. Here are four ways to keep your eyes healthy as you age.
White colored foods: Most of the white colored foods like rice, maida, sugar are high in carbohydrates and in glycemic index. They break down into simple sugar or glucose and are absorbed by your body quite fast. But if there is an excess of glucose in your blood it can cause damage to your blood vessels and lead to fatty deposits and plaque in them. The same happens to the blood vessels in the eyes, leading to tissue damage and bad vision. Here are nine interesting things that your eyes reveal about your health.
Processed foods: Your favorite doughnuts, pastries, chips and pizzas are not just raising your blood sugar level and damaging your heart, but your eyes too. They are high in fat which gets deposited under your skin and the blood vessels of your eyes too. Over a period of time, this makes the blood vessels in your eyes to deteriorate and lead to vision problem. Here are 10 horrible things junk food does to your body…….
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Source: The Healthsite