The Macular Degeneration Association just cam across this news article about nurses doing injections for wet macular degeneration and diabetic macular edema. We think this is great news and might help the Retina specialists with their back load. At this time this has been approved only in the UK.

Bolton nurses achieve a national first as they now carry out revolutionary eye injections

By Neil Robertson, reporter 8/24
NURSES at Royal Bolton Hospital are among the first in the country to carry out eye revolutionary injections on patients.
They have been specially trained to do the injections and are among a select group of nurses across Britain to carry out the procedure, which is normally only done by doctors.
The injections are predominantly carried out on patients with age-related macular degeneration and diabetic macular edema, both conditions that cause problems with a person’s central vision.

Ann Haughton, a retinal specialist nurse at the hospital, has carried out more than 2,000 injections on patients.
She said: “When I first started doing these injections, it was quite a feat, given that we are one of the few hospitals in the country where nurses do this.
“Patients often feel very anxious about a procedure like an eye injection, but we put them at ease and it’s a rewarding feeling when they come out of it feeling comfortable.”
Dr Simon Kelly, a consultant ophthalmic surgeon at the hospital, added: “It’s very new, it’s a real novelty.
“This procedure has revolutionised the care of patients with eye conditions — it’s the way forward.
“Our nurses are given thorough medical supervision by staff when they first start carrying out injections, before they start working independently.”…….
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source: The Bolton News