We all know that candy is bad for us, but around this time of year, we try to forget that and live in the spirit of #Halloween! Did you know that candy, sugar and other low quality carbs can negatively affect how you see? Can halloween candy affect Macular Degeneration? Joy Bauer, a Nutritionist says yes:

“Sugary foods and refined starches (the white stuff like white bread, rice, and pasta) may be double trouble for your eyes. High amounts of low-quality (high-glycemic) carbs may increase your chance of cataracts, and new findings also implicate them in the progression of macular degeneration. Researchers at Tufts University discovered that people who ate a diet with a high-glycemic-index score faced a greater risk of developing macular degeneration. High-glycemic foods cause a dramatic rise in blood sugar, which also increases the sugar concentration in the eye. Long-term exposure to high sugar loads may damage the retina and tiny capillaries in the eye by promoting oxidative stress and inflammation. Avoiding sugary foods and refined carbs is a smart strategy for overall health, so this is just one more good reason to sweep these foods out of your kitchen.”

Best foods to limit are:

  • sugar
  • honey
  • sweeteners,
  • soda
  • other sugary drinks
  • candy
  • baked goods
  • sugary cereals
  • white flour (including white bread and regular pasta)
  • white rice

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Sources – http://www.joybauer.com/vision/how-food-affects-macular-degeneration.aspx