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Big pharmaceutical companies are trying to develop cannabis-based products that could treat what ails you…without giving you the high. WUSA

Currently California-based Nemus Bioscience looking into 6 main cannabis derived extracts that could one day be helpful in treating glaucoma, epilepsy, MRSA and other conditions without the negative side effects of marijuana.

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) — The use of marijuana to treat health issues is a hot topic, however, big pharmaceutical companies are starting to get in on the action. They are working to develop cannabis-based products that could treat what ails you…without giving you the high.
As a Wine Sommelier, Amy Dixon uses her enhanced sense of taste and smell to tell clients about the distinct properties of fine wines. But, Amy can’t see the glass in her hands or what’s in it.
Dixon says, “I am on 6 different eye drops, you name it, I am on it.”
Amy has uveitis, an inflammatory disease and suffers from 3 types of glaucoma. She’s totally blind in her left eye with no peripheral vision in her right. She says it’s like looking through a pinhole. Diagnosed at 22, her vision is steadily declining.
She tried hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of drugs, and 16 surgical procedures.
Dr. Heather Nesti, Glaucoma Specialist and Cataract Surgeon at Chesapeake Eye Care and Laser Center says, “All of the treatments whether we do topical drops, laser, or conventional surgery all of those are designed to lower eye pressure in an attempt to slow the disease down.”
For years, there has been talk of smoking cannabis–marijuana–to lower eye pressure.
But Dr. Nesti is not a fan. Even though Medical Marijuana for glaucoma is legal in Maryland, where she practices.
“I would not recommend nor do I prescribe marijuana for glaucoma,” adds Dr. Nesti.
But she does see promise in cannabis derived pharmaceutical drugs……..
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