Came across this article and found it to be interesting. We had done an article about red wine for macular degeneration. What more could a girl want Red Wine, Chocolate maybe not the liver. Great information. We hope that you enjoy and find the information to be of help.- MDA

  • Prudent consumption of red wine could be beneficial for glaucoma patients
  • Eating chocolate and drinking great tea could also ease condition                                             
  • Glaucoma occurs when the eye fluid creates pressure on the optic nerve 

It’s not the most obvious  treatment plan for the serious eye disease glaucoma – which can lead to blindness – but symptoms could be improved by eating chocolate and drinking red wine.
The condition could also be eased by drinking coffee and green tea and eating more fruit and vegetables, according to a new study that examined the effects of diet on glaucoma, one of  the most common eye complaints.
They are all high in antioxidants which seem to improve retina  function in patients with the condition, at least in the short term, the study suggests.
However, experts say the only hope for a cure for the irreversible disease is gene therapy, since the condition often runs in families.
Glaucoma affects almost half a million people in the UK. It occurs when the fluid within the eye creates pressure that can damage the optic nerve connecting the eye to the brain. If left untreated, it can lead to loss  of peripheral vision and ultimately complete loss of sight.
Current treatment consists of eye drops, taken daily, which reduce the pressure in the eye. If this doesn’t work, patients may be referred for surgery or laser treatment.
The new glaucoma diet tips appear in a Spanish medical journal which reports the findings of eye specialists from the University of Valencia,…
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