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Research suggests that statins, drugs that lower cholesterol, could protect the eye from age-related visual loss.
Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a major cause of visual loss in older adults. It involves degeneration of the macula, the central area of the retina. While those affected do not actually go blind, they find it virtually impossible to read, drive or do any other tasks involving central vision.
But research from a team in Birmingham, Alabama, offers new hope for those with AMD. A comparison of people with and without AMD reveals that those with the condition are more likely to have diabetes, high blood pressure or vascular disease.
But those in this group who had AMD were 50 per cent less likely to be taking – or have taken – statins to lower their cholesterol. This is an interesting, although preliminary, finding.
Further studies are now needed to determine if taking a statin can really protect people at risk from developing AMD.
Disclaimer from MDA:This information is still being researched and is intended to inform you not advise you. Please check with your eye care professional before making any changes to your diet or medications.