By Robin Williams Adams

Choosing Laser: More Ophthalmologists Are Using the Technology

WINTER HAVEN | Whether laser technology will have a role in removing cataracts that cloud vision is the latest choice facing people who need that eye surgery. It’s a decision the average cataract patient didn’t need to make a couple of years ago.
That’s changed as a growing number of surgery centers and ophthalmologists get the equipment and training to use laser in removing the eye’s natural lens and replacing it with an IOL — an intraocular lens, which also involves various options. This wealth of choices becomes available as reluctantly aging baby boomers are realizing they, like their parents, are likely to get cataracts. A cataract is a clouding of the lens of the eye, causing vision to become less clear.
At least two local centers, the Eye Surgery and Laser Center in Winter Haven and Central Florida Surgi-Center in Lakeland, have the equipment, an investment Winter Haven’s Dr. Gary Schemmer said easily runs $500,000 even before the per-procedure fee paid the manufacturer for using it. Schemmer is among Polk County ophthalmologists who offer the new method, although they also continue doing the long-established procedure that uses a blade for incisions enabling access to the eye.
About 3 million people a year get cataract surgery…
source: The Ledger