Consistent checkups are important to eye health

Annual exams allow for the monitoring of issues other than vision quality

To Dr. Scott Unger of Kokomo Eye Care Associates, there’s more to ocular health than simply the ability to see. And to monitor one’s health, he recommends consistent trips to the optometrist.
“I think a lot of people, when it comes to eyes specifically, they think if you go to the eye doctor you’re just going to get glasses or contacts, and you don’t necessarily need to go if you don’t have trouble seeing,” said Unger. “But we do a lot more than just check glasses and contacts. We do a lot of healthcare stuff, too.”
Being on the lookout for eye diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy all necessitate regular eye exams, said Unger. More specifically, he recommends annual visits to an optometrist.
Macular degeneration is a particular disorder requiring consistent observation, especially if family members have the degenerative eye disorder.
“Typically, I would tell patients if I diagnose them with macular degeneration, I always inform them that they need to let your kids know because it carries a strong genetic component with it,” said Unger.
The reason is, no cure exists for the disease. But, it can be slowed if caught early enough.
“It’s bad news,” said Unger. “If we catch it early we can do some things to try to prevent it, but there’s no cure or medicine to make it go away. So, early diagnosis and treatment is really important.”……..
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Source: Kokomo Perspective