The Macular Degeneration Association came across this article about contact lens being designed to dispense eye medication. Instead of having to use eye drops for Glaucoma contacts would deliver the medication. Hopefully researchers will be able to use this same design for those that have wet macular degeneration instead of having to have eye injections.

Contact lens dispenses drug, lowers eye pressure in glaucoma patients

The contact lenses effectively lowered eye pressure in monkeys with glaucoma, researchers say.
By Stephen Feller
Researchers at Harvard designed a contact lens that slowly delivers medication to the eye, allowing for an easier method of treating glaucoma than the standard eye drops
After 50 years of trying, researchers may have found an effective way to use contact lenses to deliver drugs for conditions treated with eye drops.
Glaucoma patients may soon be able to treat the condition using a lens that slowly releases medication to the eye, with some tests with monkeys suggesting the treatment method could be more effective than the standard eye drops, researchers at Harvard Medical School report in a new study.
The leading cause of irreversible blindness, glaucoma has no cure but doctors attempt to slow its development by prescribing drops for patients. The drops, however, often cause stinging and burning, and may be difficult for some patients to use, if they try to use them at all.
“If we can address the problem of compliance, we may help patients adhere to the therapy necessary to maintain vision in diseases like glaucoma, saving millions from preventable blindness,” Dr. Joseph Ciolino, an ophthalmologist at Massachusetts Eye and Ear and an assistant professor at Harvard, said in a press release. “This study also raises the possibility that we may have an option for glaucoma that’s more effective than what we have today.”……
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Source: UPI Health