Researchers are finding that there are certain proteins shared by both macular degeneration and Alzheimer’s. Doesn’t mean if you have Alzheimer’s that you will develop macular degeneration or if you have macular degeneration that you will develop Alzheimer’s- MDA

Could early warning signs of dementia be spotted during an EYE TEST?

OPTICIANS could soon be spotting early warning signs of dementia years before symptoms emerge.

Tests found that diseases first show themselves in the retina
Experiments on mice have found brain diseases first show themselves in the retina, the light sensing tissue at the back of the eye.Scientists say the ability to detect the disease early could be crucial in the search for a drug, as treatments are likely to be more effective before it has taken hold.In mice genetically engineered to develop Alzheimer’s, researchers observed abnormalities in night vision linked to retinal function.
Specifically, light sensitive cells called rods which enable them to see in the dark were faster at responding to flashes of dim light than in a controlled group of wild mice.
This may be explained by damage to brain chemicals called neurotransmitters, which is partly behind the deterioration of memory in Alzheimer’s patients.
Researchers said their findings show diseases of the central nervous system may show up in changes in the retina before the brain.
They said the findings suggest an eye examination could be used as a “non invasive screening tool” for brain diseases, including Alzheimer’s.
The retina is an integral part of the central nervous system. During foetal development, it matures from part of the brain and its development of nerves closely resembles that of the brain….
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