Diabetes patients more than twice at risk of experiencing tooth loss: study

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GREAT BOOKHAM, UNITED KINGDOM – APRIL 19: Teeth on a model denture set are reflected in a dental mirror on April 19, 2006 in Great Bookham, England. (Photo : Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

A new study has shown that type 2 diabetes patients are more than twice at risk of losing their teeth, which adds to the list of downsides for the condition.
Researchers from Duke University found that people with diabetes are susceptible to losing their teeth much more so than the average human. In the long-term study, they found that African Americans are especially susceptible as they grow older than any other ethnicity including whites and Mexicans.
The research led by Bei Wu of Duke University and colleagues was by analyzing the data of more than 35,000 people from 1971 to 2012. The tooth loss statistics were taken from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).
Wu explains that oral health is related to diabetes and vice versa as gum disease can lead to losing one’s teeth. As to why this is so, the professor and colleagues aren’t sure. However, they found that diabetes can affect dental health especially the teeth and gums, according to Medical Xpress. The details of the study were published in the journal Preventing Chronic Disease.
“They did indeed find there was a clear connection between tooth loss and diabetes, especially among African Americans,” said Dr. Edmond Hewlett, spokesperson of the American Dental Association, as reported by CBS News. “One is the connection between oral health and overall health. This is something we’ve been aware of, but this gives additional strong evidence about that. And the other big thing is health disparities—the rate at which some diseases can affect some racial or ethnic groups more than others.”
Wu adds that on top of foot care and eye care, diabetic patients should also see their dentists.
“This study sheds light on two important and timely health issues: the connection between dental health and overall health; and health disparities—the degree to which diseases can affect some racial/ethnic groups more severely than others,” said Dr. Hewlett, as reported by Science World Report…….
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