Author: Jodi Mohrmann, Managing editor of special projects,
Dallas Texas: Age related cataracts, cloudiness in the lens of one or both eyes, affects more than 22-million Americans.  It’s no longer a condition that is limited to seniors; younger people are developing cataracts, and many are electing to fix them at an earlier age.  Wendy Loll is one of them.
“As the cataracts got worse the night-vision was really scary,” she said.
Dr. Jeffrey Whitman, an ophthalmologist at Key-Whitman Eye Center in Dallas, used a high-tech tool to diagnose this forty-something year old with a condition that used to be considered just a part of old age.
“What we are seeing is we see cataracts at a much earlier age than we used to, now part of that may be detection, we can detect them earlier,” explained Whitman.
To make that diagnosis, Whitman used a new device called an HD analyzer; it puts a low-level laser into the retina and measures light scatter which can indicate early signs of cataracts.  He then corrected the problem with surgery, inserting high tech lenses to make Wendy’s vision 20-20. 
“You know we are in that bionic time in some ways,” said Whitman.
All Loll knows is that she’s footloose, because she can see again.
“I would definitely recommend getting it checked out,” said Loll. “Don’t be afraid, get it taken care of, it’s no big deal and your eyes are precious.”
Doctors say some possible reasons for younger patients to develop cataracts include sun exposure, medications and food additives and preservatives………
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