SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Doctors at Springfield’s Mercy Hospital have used new ophthalmology technology to help return sight to a woman suffering with macular degeneration.

Mercy officials say a tiny implantable telescope the size of a pea, was implanted in one eye of Bobbi Savage, 83, of Springfield.  Savage told her doctor she wanted to volunteer for the new procedure after hearing about it on a news program.

In a release, Mercy said Savage has struggled with her sight for 15 years, after being diagnosed with macular degeneration.  The condition is caused by damage to the part of the eye needed to see things straight ahead.

Savage’s ophthalmologist, Dr. Shachar Tauber, said he was aware of the telescope procedure, which magnifies objects straight in front of the patient, then bounces that image to a part of the eye healthy enough to recognize it clearly.  She had the surgery in November, 2013, then had a second surgery to remove a cataract in her other eye.    

“I can read now – I haven’t been able to do that in about 15 years. I can also write my own checks. Everything is so much brighter…” Savage said in the hospital’s release.  

Mindy Smithwick, Savage’s occupational therapist, says there was a breakthrough one day when Savage saw herself in a bathroom mirror for the first time in years, and joked about her wrinkles.  “That was a great day,” Smithwick says. Mercy officials say the FDA has approved lowering the age requirements for the eye telescope. It’s now available for those ages 65 and older, rather than 75 and older.  Full release from Mercy Springfield:  

Woman Regains Sight, Thanks to Implantable Eye Telescope Mercy doctor first in the area to perform the surgery

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (Oct. 23, 2014) – It’s like something from a Hollywood movie: a tiny telescope is implanted into the eye, allowing for superhuman vision. But in this case, the technology is real and has allowed one Springfield, Missouri, woman the chance to do things she hasn’t done for years.

Bobbi Savage never let increasing blindness from age-related macular degeneration (AMD) …….

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Source: Ozarks First  and Centrasight