The Holidays are here and there are many parties at this time of year with  family, friends and co-workers. If your diabetic this can be tricky as alcohol and sweet foods can cause  your blood sugar to spike or drop. When the blood sugar is not regulated it can cause problems with your health and vision. Check with your medical team as your condition or the medications you are taking could be affected by alcohol consumption. Have a wonderful and safe Holiday Season. – MDA

By Sue Cotey and Andrea Harris, RNs

Plan ahead for the holidays

The holidays are here and many people include alcohol as part of the celebration. Most people with diabetes may enjoy alcohol in moderation, but you should always check with your healthcare provider first. Your condition or the medications you are taking could be affected by alcohol consumption.

You’ll want to follow these 5 safety tips:

1. Know if you can drink

Check with your doctor or healthcare provider before you choose to drink. We cannot stress this enough. You need to know if your medications or any diabetes-related conditions you have could be seriously affected by alcohol consumption.

2. Stay in control of your blood sugar

Make sure your diabetes is well controlled before you drink. Check your blood glucose levels beforeduring and after you drink to know how you are doing. NEVER drink on and empty stomach. Alcohol consumption can lead to a decrease in your blood sugar. This is because too much alcohol can block production and release of glucose from the liver.

And remember that the effects of alcohol can last up to 24 hours so regular monitoring of your blood sugar–and eating a snack even hours after the holiday merriment is over–may be necessary to avoid dangerous lows.

3. Drink in moderation

If your healthcare provider says it’s ok for you to drink, follow the same rules of moderation recommended for all people. Moderation is considered up to one drink per day for women and up to two drinks per day for men. One drink is equal to:

  • 5 ounces of wine (12% alcohol content)
  • a 12-ounce beer (5% alcohol content)
  • 1½ ounces of distilled spirits such as vodka or gin (80 proof alcohol)

Remember, guidelines are by day – you cannot save up all your drinks for the weekend!…………

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Source: Cleveland Clinic