For migraine sufferers who’ve had a hard time taming the throbbing pain of migraine attacks, two Kansas City area eye doctors are suggesting a new route to relief.
It’s the eye drops that they’ve prescribed routinely for years to their glaucoma patients. Although more research is needed,for at least some people one or two drops in each eye just at the start of an attack appears to stop migraines in their tracks, the doctors say.
In the latest edition of the journal Missouri Medicine, ophthalmologists Carl V. Migliazzo and John C. Hagan detail the experiences of seven patients who’ve gotten complete or nearly complete relief from their migraines by taking the eye drops.
All of the patients are women, as are most migraine sufferers. Some use the eye drops alone; others take them along with conventional pain medications. All had suffered from migraines for years, even decades, before trying the eye drops.
One 61-year-old in their report has had migraines for about 30 years. They start on the right side of her head with throbbing pain that radiates to her neck and shoulders. Left untreated, the migraines can last as long as two days.
The woman had tried medications but had stopped taking them because they didn’t provide enough relief. The eye drops, she said, eliminated the pain.
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source: Kansas City Star