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Mar 9, 2020

Five reasons to make a trip for an eye test


When it comes to looking after our eyes, more than half of us admit we haven’t had an eye test within the past two years.

The GP has a record of our blood pressure, and we try to visit the dentist regularly to prevent cavities, but we’re not great at going to the optometrist even though Kiwis regard sight as the most important of the senses.

In fact, we’re reluctant to make an appointment with an optometrist even when we notice something is wrong, with one out of every five of us preferring to put our head in the sand hoping it will get better on its own.

Specsavers optometrist Shelley Wang says a regular eye test is vital for our overall health, even if we think our vision is completely fine. Here’s five reasons you should visit the optometrist at least every two years for an eye check: Watch the video @

They make life better: squinting at the fine print, getting lost because you couldn’t read the street signs, or constantly holding your device at arm’s length so you can read it, are all frustrating signs our eyes need assistance. Whether it’s your first time with prescription glasses or contact lenses, or your current ones need updating, being able to see properly improves your quality of life by making things easier for both work and play.

They’re about eye health – not just vision: “It’s not all about prescription glasses,” says Wang. “Obviously that’s important, and the first part of an eye check, but the main component is more about the overall health of the eye.” Every eye test at a Specsavers branch includes an advanced 3D scan of the eye. “You won’t feel anything,” she says. “But it’s a way for us to pick up on any conditions that could threaten your vision in the future.”…..

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