From this article and the last article that we posted to our site, food plays a very important part. The right amount of nutrition, vitamins and minerals are needed to make sure that our bodies,brain and eyes stay healthy. This article are covering nutrition need to help reduce the rsk of glaucoma. Glaucoma damages your optic nerve and cause you to lose your vision if left unteated. Please have a yearly dilated eye exam.- MDA

By Chris Kilham

Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness among adults. The disease involves an increase in pressure in the eye, which distorts the shape of the eyeball, damaging the lens of the eye, and resulting in blindness. This disease can be mitigated to an extent with eye drops, and cannabis, too, has shown to be of help. Sadly, many people go blind due to glaucoma.

Now a study has shown that eating the right foods may help to reduce the risk of glaucoma, prevent the disease, and help people to maintain healthy eyesight longer in life. Researchers reported their findings in the Archives of the Spanish Society of Ophthalmology.

Doctors have known for some time that too much salt can increase overall blood pressure, leading to increased intra-ocular pressure in the eyes, exacerbating glaucoma. Therefore, moderate salt consumption has been a standard dietary recommendation for those with, or at risk for, glaucoma. But the Spanish study goes further, examining the diets of people in two American ophthalmological studies, and in one study from Rotterdam.

According to these large population studies, intake of foods rich in retinol— a form of vitamin A— helps to reduce the risk of glaucoma. Retinol-rich foods include milk, liver, cheese and butter. Interestingly, there was no evidence that a diet rich in dietary fats has any role in the promotion of glaucoma, even though it is well established that, in general, excessive intake of fats contributes to obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Digging deeper, the researchers saw a correlation between lower rates of glaucoma and higher consumption of leafy green vegetables…..

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source: Fox News Health