Your walking through a department store and the clerk asks if you would like a Free makeover. You think a moment and say sure why not. They may show you a new product or a new technique and have a wonderful promotion that is included with a purchase. Think twice ladies. In this video a lady won a free make over but that was not the only thing she got.
Germs are everywhere! While most makeup counter artists and salespeople clean the makeup brushes (a common breeding ground for bacteria) after they use them from one customer to the next, you can never really trust any brush that isn’t yours, says one former Estee Lauder artist. 
But “it’s not the brushes consumers should worry about, it’s really the products themselves,” she says. “No matter how many times a day the sales rep cleans them, people love to come stick their dirty fingers in the colors to test them. It’s amazing! Women walk right up to the counter, grab a lipstick tester and put it right to their lips. I think that’s one of the most shocking things about working at the counter — the general public’s complete disregard for bacteria,” she concludes.- MDA

This was talked about on The Doctors. This women went in for her free makeover. When it was all finished, she ended up with a fungus. If you are going to do this make sure that they have gloves on, disposable brushes and a sink that they can wash their hands in and the makeup is in sample sizes. When you share makeup that is exposed to the general public and use the same brushes or your fingers to apply it directly to your eyes, skin or lips,you are contamindating the products or are using contamindated products and spreading disease. This can lead to fungus, infection and eye problems………
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Source: The Doctors