We have been seeing in the news again about the health benefits of eggs. One study say’s they are very beneficial and another say’s they raise cholesterol levels. The Macular Degeneration Association came across this article called “Fresh debate over health benefits of eggs”.  After reading it, it has some very valid points about health benefits of eggs. However too much of a good thing can have reverse effects on our health. Check with your medical team especially if you are taking cholesterol lowering medications.

Written by JOKE FALAJU

EGGS are often referred to as nature’s vitamin pill, contains all the vitamins needed for all age grades, it has been recommended for the aged as it help prevent age related heart disease, eye defect among others. Aside this, it is a major solution to ending malnutrition and hunger in the world and also for achieving the nation’s Millennium Development Goal (MDG) targets. 

WHAT can you do to lower the risk of heart disease, breast cancer and the risk of age related eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration, at the same time reduce muscle loss and promote healthy growth and aging? The answer is simple and natural; eat eggs.

     When medical experts advice us on how important it is to eat a balanced diet, like protein, vitamins and nutrients, what usually come to mind is fruits, vegetables, meat, but one foods contains them all –eggs.

     Health organizations around the world are actively encouraging people to eat more eggs to ensure that they benefit from nature’s natural vitamin pill. The Australian Heart Foundation recommends that people eat six eggs a week. In Canada, eggs carry the country’s health check mark and the Irish Heart Foundation has coined the phrase, ‘an egg a day is ok’. In March 2002 the American Heart Association guidelines were changed to allow one egg per day into the average healthy American diet, thereby ending the Association’s 30 years old campaign that limited egg consumption to three eggs per week

     Researchers have found out that one egg yolk contains about 300 micrograms of choline, which helps regulate the brain, nervous system and cardiovascular system….read more: http://www.ngrguardiannews.com/features/natural-health/183047-fresh-debate-over-health-benefits-of-egg

source: Guardian News

image: www.goldeneggs.com