Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases causing optic nerve damage. The optic nerve carries images from the retina, which is the specialized light sensing tissue, to the brain so we can see. In glaucoma, eye pressure plays a role in damaging the delicate nerve fibers of the optic nerve. When a significant number of nerve fibers are damaged, blind spots develop in the field of vision. Once nerve damage and visual loss occur, it is permanent. Most people don’t notice these blind areas until much of the optic nerve damage has already occurred. If the entire nerve is destroyed, blindness results. Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness in the world, especially in older people. Early detection and treatment by your ophthalmologist are the keys to preventing optic nerve damage and vision loss from glaucoma.- Kellogg Eye Center
Glaucoma Patients Treated in Netherlands Using New MicroShunt
Three people in the Netherlands were implanted with a new implant to treat glaucoma, according to a press release from InnFocus, Inc.
“The surgeries went very well and the patients are showing good results,” said Dr. Henny Beckers from the University Eye Clinic Maastricht. “The surgery has the promise to be a better, faster and safer alternative to trabeculectomy or tube surgery, which could encourage surgeons to perform this procedure, earlier thus allowing patients to get off some or all of their medications quicker.  We believe this technology holds great promise in the battle against glaucoma.”
Over 200 glaucoma patients have now been treated worldwide.  Enrollment in Phase 1 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) trials has concluded at 13 centers in the United States. The Company expects the final clinical trial phase to begin subsequent to FDA review of the Phase I data…….
About InnFocus MicroShunt
InnFocus President & CEO Russ Trenary made the presentation in front of hundreds of physicians, entrepreneurs, investors and industry executives interested in ophthalmic innovation.
“We are encouraging our audience to ‘Think Low’ when they consider what IOP levels are possible with the InnFocus MicroShunt®,” said Trenary, referring to the results the medical device is producing in treating glaucoma patients.
The device is showing a significant and stable reduction in mean intraocular pressure (IOP) to below 14mmHg in patients thus far.  Between 70% and 80% of patients have either reduced the amount of medication they are taking or are off medication completely.
“We also shared with the audience that the InnFocus MicroShunt® addresses the largest patient segment in glaucoma,” Trenary added. “We don’t need to rely on combining cataract removal to achieve these impressive results.”
The InnFocus MicroShunt® is a glaucoma drainage implant consisting of a microtube about the twice the size of an eyelash. It is currently in Phase 1 Food and Drug Administration trials at 11 centers in the United States. Patients have also been treated in France, Japan, and the Dominican Republic.
InnFocus aims to provide a safe, effective, stable and easy treatment for early stage to late stage glaucoma. Glaucoma affects over 78 million persons worldwide, and is the second leading cause of blindness in the world.
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Source: American News Report