For many people, getting older brings a catalogue of vision problems that make everyday tasks such as reading and driving a serious challenge.
Now a lens implant that mimics the working of a youthful eye is giving sight back to people struggling with cataracts, astigmatism or long-and short-sightedness. It is the first lens that corrects for all types of vision problems and can be inserted in a simple operation. It works at any distance and in any light conditions, acting more like a camera zoom than other multi-focal lenses which have three distinct points of focus.
Susan Wright, 57, a charity consultant from Macclesfield, Cheshire, is one of the first people in the world to test the new implant.
She had surgery on both eyes six weeks ago and had her final followup appointment with Brian Little, an ophthalmic surgeon, at the London Claremont Clinic this month. Wright suffered from cataracts and struggled to see objects up close, which made driving almost impossible and working at a computer difficult.
“I have never had particularly good eyesight,” she said. “I had cataracts and long-sightedness, and I would get a sense that there was a blank space in part of my vision.”
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Source: The Star Phoenix