When artist Kathy Brown was told she was going blind she decided to take action, as Catherine Scott reports.
There can be few things more devastating in life than losing your sight, and it’s an especially terrifying prospect for an artist who relies on clarity of vision.
That was the case for Yorkshire artist and sculptor Kathy Brown who, after a lifetime of excellent eyesight started to experience distorted vision in her left eye in 2006. She later developed a similar problem in her right eye.

 Kathy was diagnosed with a condition called Choroidal neovascular membranes (CNV), commonly referred to as wet macular degeneration.
CNV is a form of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). AMD is the leading cause of visual impairment in the UK, affecting up to 500,000 people to some degree.

As would be expected by its name, age is one of the most important risk factors for AMD. The condition is most common in people over 50 and it’s estimated that one in every 10 people over 65 have some degree of AMD.
CNV develops when abnormal blood vessels form underneath the macula and damage its cells. Without treatment, vision can deteriorate quickly.
“The diagnosis came as a terrible shock,” said Kathy, a retired primary school and special needs teacher who lives in Boston Spa. “I was told that without treatment I could be registered blind within two years.”
Then Kathy learned about a treatment, which saved her sight and enabled her to continue to produce her paintings and sculptures.
“I was told that laser treatment would not be effective for my condition and was advised about a new treatment, which was being developed but I had to wait until 2007 until it became available. It was an anxious time for myself and my family,” said Kathy, who is married with two daughters and two granddaughters.
Kathy was one of the first patients to receive Anti-VEGF injections at Spire Leeds Hospital under the care of Tim Dabbs, consultant ophthalmologist…….
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Source: Yorkshire Press