by Olivia Wannan
Everyone can experience the world through the eyes of a patient as he loses his vision to age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and as he learns to ‘see’ again with a retinal implant, thanks to a new video.
The video, produced by Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust artist-in-residence Lucy Burscough, tells the story of Ray Flynn, who was implanted with the Argus II bionic eye system in June 2015.
When his retinal implant was switched on, Mr Flynn became the first person in the world to experience artificial and natural vision simultaneously. The Argus II offers some functional vision in his degenerated macula region, alongside his remaining peripheral vision.
Ms Burscough told OT that she enjoyed learning about the biomedical technology and the potential it could play in people’s lives, during the project funded by the Arts Council England’s National Lottery.
“This work has been inspired by the remarkable, cutting-edge technologies that hint at a future of biomedical bionics and the hacking of humanity,” she explained, adding: “The video has become this rallying cry too, for people to get involved in clinical trials.”
Mr Burscough was pleased to get to know Mr Flynn during the project, she highlighted, continuing: “He was really courageous, with his openness and willingness to go ahead and actually become involved – and have this positive attitude. At the beginning of the process, he was really altruistic about it.”…….
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Source: Optometry Today