The community has voted and selected the Macular Degeneration Association as one of the 2014 Top-Rated NonProfits.  We have officially been rated 2014 Top- Rated Nonprofit by Great NonProfits which is part of GuideStar. We would like to extend our heart felt “Thank You” as with out your recommendation and votes this would not have happened. We have posted a picture of the award. We feel that this award is for all of us. 

The Macular Degeneration Association has a new logo with a tag line that reads Dedicated to all  Vision Impairments. Our continued commitment to you is to bring you update information, research and treatments for all eye diseases. This information  will be posted on our website, in our newsletters, on our Facebook page and twitter page. We have video’s available on our Youtube channel of past programs. You can access them on our website under Resources then Media.

Continue our awareness programs where you will be able to have access to specialists to answer your questions, learn about the cutting edge research, treatments and clinical trials. Be able to hear from the participants what worked for them. Have access to vendors that have helpful tools to help you have a better quality of life.

 Because of your faith that you have so graciously placed in us we will be striving to achieve this wonderful award in 2015.