Old, young, RDF, sun — doesn’t matter, wear those shades

Optometrist in St. John’s warns kid’s eyes especially vulnerable to UV light

By Stephanie Kinsella, CBC News

Dr. Jennifer Swyers, an optometrist in St. John’s, says people need to think beyond bright, sunny days when it comes to wearing shades

While you don’t have to follow Corey Hart’s lead and wear them at night, one optometrist is urging people to don their sunglasses much more often.
“When the UV index is high, it’s the most important time to protect your eyes,” said Dr. Jennifer Swyers, an optometrist with St. John’s Optometry.
“However, UV light can pass through the clouds, so even on a grey or overcast day, it’s good to protect your eyes from the UV index.”
Swyers says most people reach for their shades when the sun is squint-worthy, but sun damage isn’t contained to the summertime.
“So if you spend a lot of time in the snow – snowshoeing, skiing or shovelling – it’s a good idea to protect your eyes from the sun because the snow bounces the UV light back into your eyes, it reflects off of the snow,” she told CBC Radio’s On the Go.

Protect those peepers

Swyers said people might be familiar with certain conditions associated with UV damage, like melanoma or macular degeneration.
She said cataracts, another ailment, are caused by aging, but they can be helped along in some cases.
“If you spend a lot of time in the sun and [with] a couple other risk factors, like if you have diabetes or if you’re a smoker, then cataracts may occur at an earlier onset than they would typically with just regular aging.”……
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Source: CBS News