Magnifier Apps vs Handheld Video Magnifiers: Who Is the Winner?

Zoomax recent post 10 Benefits You Will Get from a Video Magnifier received some comments. One of the Facebook comments is greatly worthy of consideration:
Reader wondering how a handheld video magnifier is better than the free magnifier apps on the iPhone and iPad
Reader wondering how a handheld video magnifier is better than the free magnifier apps on the iPhone and iPad
Good question. Let’s make some analysis first:
1. She uses smartphone and tablet PC as habitually.
2. She tried video magnifier but thought it just so-so.
Our suggestion is:
App is good enough for this lady and maybe there is no extra need for her to buy another video magnifier.
Why does this conclusion be drawn?
1. Smart phones and tablet PC are her requisites in common use;
2. She can distinguish the button on app;
3. She has no special requirement of amplification.
However, we also would like to illustrate some features of handheld video magnifier not prevalent on apps:
1. Handheld video magnifier provides a comfortable reading experience. Since the Reading Stand can raise the reading height, to a certain extent, it could provide an angle to ease neck strain. Some apps require constant holding the device at a particular height to keep the focus. But for handheld video magnifier, that concern can be completely unnecessary.
2. Some handheld video magnifiers provide users with easy switch between reading and distance viewing with special camera.
3. Continuous turning on/off the camera of your phone will use up the battery soon. And that may lead to an insufficient use when you gaming, safariing, calling or anything your smartphone is mainly for.
Handheld video magnifier would not be suggested if these features couldn’t attract the current app users who satisfied with the app functions; cost-effectiveness is one of the major reasons. We always emphasize the necessity of professional advice before purchasing any assistive devices: ophthalmologists can help you choose the most suitable one, and the most suitable one is the best one. What’s more we have introduced some apps for the low vision and blind people to enrich abundance of AT choices.
So, what kind of people will in greater need of handheld video magnifier than smartphone apps? For whom will the handheld video magnifier be more recommended than apps? Here are our opinions for reference:

1. The elderly and young who have low vision

With the development of technology, a substantial increase in phone functions and other electrical equipment, it can be a big challenge to the elderly to use…….
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