Magnify- New App for iPhone

 Low vision is a loss of eyesight that makes everyday tasks difficult. A person with low vision may find it difficult or impossible to accomplish activities such as reading, writing, shopping, watching television, driving a car or recognizing faces.
The Macular Degeneration Association (MDA)  came by this video courtesy of The Arkansas Lighthouse for the Blind. For people that have difficulty with reading due to an eye disease can find it harder to see small print. Some  of the most frustrating items are as follows: labels in the grocery stores or reading a menu, filling out any type of forms reading mail and looking at photos. There are a lot of hand held magnifiers which work very well but some seem cumbersome and not as easy to us in the grocery and department stores. If you have an iPhone this is all you will need.  There is a new app that is available and can turn your iPhone to a magnifier. 
 Magnify is one of the easiest and helpful tools around. This low-cost iPhone app acts like a magnifying glass, illuminates hard to read items and takes….. Watch Video