Man cuts open truck to save kitten

By Daphne Sashin, CNN
Sun June 15, 2014
Man hears purr, cuts open truck
  • A Vero Beach, Florida, man heard purring from his truck
  • He sliced the truck bed to try to get the tiny animal out
  • Local Humane Society staff members helped finish the job
  • Donors have now offered to fix the man’s truck

(CNN) — A hitchhiking feline in Florida has a 50-year-old truck owner to thank for her unusual rescue.
Errand Frazier of Vero Beach wasn’t quite sure what to do at first when he heard purring coming from his Chevy pickup, parked outside his house in late May. He couldn’t see anything and wasn’t sure exactly where it was, or even what type of animal was in there. So, he left an open can of cat food under one of the tires and set up a camera to try to get to the bottom of it. When he came back the next morning, the food was gone, but there was nothing on the video, he said. Thinking he had lost his mind, he went on an impromptu fishing trip to clear his head. When he got to the canal, the purring started again. Taking matters into his own hands, he reached for his toolbox, took out some sheet metal cutters and cut back the metal on the side of the truck bed. As he peeled it back, he spotted a kitten. “I seen this little rascal peeking at me,” Frazier recalled. “I said, ‘What in the world? You hitched a ride!'”
Frazier hadn’t thought anything of slicing into his truck. He and his wife, Cindy, have a dog and two cats, and care deeply about animals. In the past, Frazier said, he has rescued stray kittens and brought them to the local Humane Society…..
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Source: CNN