New mVT® Research Shows Significant Value for AMD and DR Patients
DALLAS–(Business Wire)–Vital Art and Science, LLC (VAS), an emerging ophthalmic medical device company, released four new studies in the continuing scientific investigations of its newly launched mVT Service, an innovative medical device that conveniently and accurately tracks the progression of maculopathies. The device, an easily downloaded app available by prescription only, showed value in features important in a screening tool – predictive response, stability of results, ability to detect visual function improvement, and reliability.
“We are very pleased with the positive results from this rigorous global research,” said Mike Bartlett, president. “This validation will further boost prescriber confidence. These studies demonstrate the mVT reliably screens for advancing disease and accurately measures treatment effects. And, of course, we are excited to see how we help improve patient outcomes.”
The studies evaluated different features of the mVT Service. Researchers in San Francisco and Berkeley assessed the Service against nine other tools for predictive response, i.e. the ability to predict which patients are at the greatest risk of progressing to advanced disease. mVT showed the most predictive promise. The University of Liverpool researchers investigated the stability of mVT results. Stability prior to disease onset in at-risk eyes is essential for a reliable screening test; stability of the mVT was confirmed. The investigators also commented that unlike other tests, the mVT is convenient and users report no testing difficulties.
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) supported a diabetic retinopathy study in Dallas to see if the mVT Service detects visual function improvement from anti-VEGF treatments. Results indicated that mVT clearly detects visual function improvement and, in fact, appears to be more sensitive than either visual acuity or letter contrast sensitivity in detecting changes. The last study, also supported by NIH, investigated the strength of the shape discrimination hyperacuity test methodology of the mVT. Results confirmed its reliability and accuracy. Researchers noted mVT should be especially valuable for longer duration treatments because of its convenient home monitoring.
Age related macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness for people over 60, and the diabetic retinopathy population continues to grow with the increasing prevalence of diabetes. The new mVT Service is the only simple, FDA-cleared, low cost, mobile, validated method available for these patients to test their vision at home. Patients take a simple 4-6 minute self-test, performed on the timetable recommended by the doctor (usually twice a week). Patient test results are automatically delivered to a HIPAA-compliant database and analyzed for prescriber review………
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