New research for Glaucoma is producing a new treatment. The research is showing that the cells of the endothelial layer acts as a mechanical gate and that therapetic stratgies that can alter the stiffiness of these cells could potentially lead to a cure. Great article. – MDA
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Glaucoma is one of the most severe forms of disorder related to the eyes that can lead to total blindness if not treated promptly. Moreover this kind of eye condition till had didn’t have a definite cure. But the future of this deadly disease isn’t that bleak. A new study suggests that there is a probable cure for this   dangerous eye disease, which is a leading cause of irreversible blindness.

The condition usually surfaces when the elevated eye pressure causes damage to the eye nerve over time. It is thought to be a consequence of mechanical dysfunction of endothelial cells – a thin layer of cells that is the final barrier to fluid entering Schlemm’s canal, from where fluid drains from the eye. Also read Glaucoma – causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

‘Our work show that cells of this endothelial layer act as mechanical gates. Therapeutic strategies that alter the stiffness of these cells could potentially lead to a cure for this debilitating disease,’ said senior study author Mark Johnson from the Northwestern University in the US. Glaucoma is associated with elevated pressure in the eye. This elevated pressure essentially is due to a plumbing problem.
Fluid builds up in the eye, increases the pressure and eventually damages the optic nerve. For nearly 150 years, researchers have been trying to understand what causes the blockage that prevents the eye from draining properly. ‘The work appears to be one of the first times that the methods of mechanobiology – the study of the mechanical characteristics of cells – have been used to show that dysfunctional cell mechanics lies at the heart of a disease process,’ Johnson said. Also read  Glaucoma treatment — know what to expect once you are diagnosed
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