Research is being conducted right here in our own backyard, Tampa Bay. The top researchers from all over the country and have been assembled to develop treatments for blinding eye diseases such as macular degeneration and glaucoma. Please watch the video.- MDA
By Gayle Guyardo
World researchers traveled to historic Ybor City this week to be a part of developing breakthrough treatments for those who are visually impaired.
The Lions Eye is a non-profit in Tampa considered to be one of the leaders in the worldwide fight against blinding eye disease through a unique model which unites the world’s largest Eye Bank with a cutting edge Ocular Research Center.
“We’re trying to replicate as many things close to the human eye as we can,” said Dr. Mitchell McCartney, the head scientist at Lions Eye.
McCartney points out working on diseased human tissue vs. bovine tissue makes it easier to pinpoint which treatment options will help people dealing with vision diseases.
Lions Eye even built sleep suites where researchers from all over the world stay, ready to jump into action if an eye is donated.
“We actually house the researchers here we’ll wake up at two in the morning, so they can get right to work. What takes other researchers three to six months to achieve, we can replicate that study in a week,” said Jason Woody, President and CEO of Lions Eye.
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