January the time to be checked for glaucoma

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month. Take this opportunity to talk to your family, and ask about it at your next checkup. Early diagnosis and treatment can save your sight.

Statins Cut Retinopathy Risk in Type 2 Diabetes

Nevertheless, medications for hypertension and glycemic control were matched in the two groups,” the team wrote. “Theoretically, the blood pressure values and serum glucose levels in the two groups were similar.” In addition, since the study was conducted in an Asian population, it is not clear if the findings are applicable to other populations.

Top 15 Foods That Promote Healthy Eyesight

So, a regular eye exam can help detect this in time and treatment will start immediately thereby preventing it from getting worse or out of hand.

Pixium Vision announces its PRIMA chip successfully met interim study endpoints for dry AMD

Pixium Vision is preparing the larger European multicenter pivotal study required for the CE-mark.

How Blindness Affects The Brain

This is not the first study conducted on blindness and performed on mice. In March last year, researchers managed to restore the sight of rodents with gold nanoparticles.

What to do when the tears dry

What to do when the tears dry by: Michael Waggoner, MD James Fox, MD Winter in Colorado is here, and you know what that means. Dry weather and low temperatures! While the Colorado weather may be a blessing for ski bunnies, it doesn't do any favors for our eyes. Dry...

A Space Experiment That Could One Day Cure Blindness

A Space Experiment That Could One Day Cure Blindness By PATRICK SKAHILL A powerful purple protein that could help cure certain types of blindness has made its way from a tiny Farmington laboratory all the way up to the International Space Station. That protein is a...

How Music Can Help Health Conditions

We are only beginning to understand the impact it can have on your health – but what we know so far is exciting.

Diseases through the decades – here’s what to look out for in your 40s, 60s, 80s and beyond

Diseases through the decades – here’s what to look out for in your 40s, 60s, 80s and beyond You’re another year older but that doesn’t have to mean poorer health. By:Lorene Farrugia Many diseases develop and become more likely as we age. Here are some of the most...

Dr. Mali’s top 5 stories in ophthalmology for 2018

Dr. Mali's top 5 stories in ophthalmology for 2018 Dr. Mali has been appointed Medical Director for the Macular Degeneration Association by: Joshua Mali, MD It’s that time of the year again when I reflect on such an exciting and dynamic year in ophthalmology! Here are...