NZ trials give hope, cataracts sufferers across the globe

New Zealand surgeons are leading the way in cataract surgery outcomes with local clinical trials of a new cataract lens technology proven to give people with cataracts an extended range of vision and a higher level of independence from eyeglasses.
The vision care business of the healthcare company, Abbott, has introduced an advancement over traditional technologies – the new TECNIS Symfony intraocular lens (IOL). It is the first and only extended range of vision lens available that will help people with cataracts see better at all distances, including far, intermediate and near, providing them with increased freedom from eyeglasses.
Traditionally after cataract surgery, people may still require eyeglasses. However, the clinical trials with the TECNIS Symfony IOL showed that 100 per cent of people who had the lens implanted no longer required glasses for distance vision, while 94 per cent said they didn’t need glasses for ‘arm’s length’ reading, and 87 per cent could go without them for ‘close at hand’ reading.
The New Zealand clinical study, conducted with Doctor Dean Corbett from Auckland Eye at the Oasis Research Facility, confirmed the positive surgery outcomes after the TECNIS Symfony IOL was implanted into the eyes of 31 people with cataracts.
“These are the only clinical trials for this new lens that have been conducted in the Southern Hemisphere, which is a great achievement for New Zealand ophthalmology,” said Dr. Corbett.
“This new and unique lens technology offers people with cataracts a better quality of life after surgery, giving them significantly improved visual freedom, function and quality.
“With the TECNIS Symfony lens, we now have the ability to offer patients a quality of vision never before achievable, with distance, near and intermediate focus. This will enable a patient to follow a more enjoyable lifestyle, with much less dependency on glasses to interact with their day-to-day environment.”……..
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Source: Voxy.CO.NZ