Occasional glass of wine could save your eyesight

By Sarah Knapton, Science Correspondent 19 Jun 2014

Adults who have less than one drink a week are 49 per cent less likely to develop vision problems within a 20 year period than those who do not drink . An occasional glass of wine may protect against loss of sight in later life, scientists believe.

Although heavy drinking is associated with poor eyesight, the odd tipple could be more beneficial than complete abstinence. It may lower the risk of developing debilitating sight loss problems such as Age Related Macular Degeneration which is expected to affect 700,000 people by 2020.
Researchers from the University of Wisconsin examined the relationships between visual impairment and three lifestyle behaviours; smoking, drinking alcohol and staying physically fit.
They studied nearly 5,000 adults aged 43 and 84 years of age between 1988 to 2013. Those who consumed alcohol, but had less than one drink per week, were 49 per cent less likely to develop vision problems within a 20 year period, than those who never drank. Regularly exercising for at least three times a week was also found to lower the change of vision impairment by 58 per cent.
Dr Ronald Klein, lead researcher of the study, said: “While age is usually one of the most strongly associated factors for many eye diseases that cause visual impairment, …
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