According to the American Diabetes Association- Diabetic retinopathy (DR) and diabetic macular edema (DME) are leading causes of blindness in the working-age population of most developed countries. The increasing number of individuals with diabetes worldwide suggests that DR and DME will continue to be major contributors to vision loss and associated functional impairment for years to come. Early detection of retinopathy in individuals with diabetes is critical in preventing visual loss, but current methods of screening fail to identify a sizable number of high-risk patients.

One-in-8 referrals after eye tests for diabetes

By Evelyn Ring
Irish Examiner Reporter
Around one in eight people who have taken part in the State’s diabetic retinopathy screening programme have been referred for further treatment.
When diabetic retinopathy is caught early treatment is effective at reducing or preventing sight damage.
The National Diabetic Retinal Screening Programme began at the end of February last year and is being introduced on a phased basis.
The Government-funded programme, called Diabetic RetinaScreen, is on target to complete the first round of diabetic retinopathy screening for people with diabetes aged 12 and over.
More than 120,000 people with diabetes have been invited to take part in the programme and about 50% have agreed to undergo testing.
Approximately 13% have been referred for further treatment through the programme…. read more:
By the end of the year, Diabetic RetinaScreen …
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Source: Irish Exeaminer