Oraya therapy is effective in maintaining vision with reduced injections for wet AMD patients

Oraya Therapeutics Inc. announced today that leading ophthalmologists from three European countries presented patient results following one year after a single treatment with Oraya Therapy for wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD), during a symposium at the European Society of Retina Specialists’ 15th Congress in Nice, France. The results show that Oraya Therapy is effective in maintaining vision with reduced injections for patients at different stages of their disease—from chronic patients in discontinuous treatment to treatment-naive patients with new diagnosis—and following different treatment pathways.
Chronic patients treated with Oraya Therapy maintained vision with less fluid in the macula and fewer injections compared to same-patient history. These patients experienced a significant 40 percent to 74 percent reduction in the number of injections required to maintain vision compared to their previous injection needs, with a corresponding significant decrease in macular oedema characterized by a decrease in central macular thickness. Patients were offered Oraya Therapy if they met the responder profile from the INTREPID sham-controlled masked study of Oraya Therapy adjunctive to anti-VEGF for treating wet AMD.
Dr. Katja Hatz, from the Vista Klinik-EyeRAD SWISS Medical Center in Basel, Switzerland, remarked:

The criteria for identifying the best responder based on the INTREPID study are working quite well. During the one-year follow-up, we see a drying of the retina and therefore are able to extend the patients’ anti-VEGF treatment intervals over the longterm after Oraya Therapy, which is very encouraging.”

The experience of Dr. Mahdy Ranjbar from the University Eye Hospital Lübeck, Germany is similar.

We saw a very significant 74 percent reduction in the number of injections with stable vision for the first patients to reach one-year, and the patients at six months are showing a similar positive pattern.”……..
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