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May 18, 2020

Parkinson’s disease symptoms: The sign in your vision you need to look out for

PARKINSON’s can cause crazy visions. Can sufferers really believe what they are seeing? What could you expect to see from someone who has the brain disease?

By CHANEL GEORGINA Parkinson’s gradually damages the brain. Over time, symptoms will begin to appear. When the vision is affected, what happens? The charity, Parkinson’s UK, states people with the condition will often experience problems with their eyesight. For instance, difficulty can arise when starting to move the eyes, or when trying to move them quickly. At times, the eyes can move in a slow, jerky manner – instead of smoothly. The charity also points out that this may result in blurred vision. Some people with the brain disease may also experience double vision. This is when you can see two images of a single object at once, which can be on top of each other, side by side, or a mixture of both. Another symptom is tracking – this involves the eyes having trouble moving smoothly across a line or from one object to another. Additionally, people with Parkinson’s may blink less often, which can result in dry and sore eyes. And eyelid apraxia can occur when the muscles that open the eyelids aren’t working properly. This could lead to the eyelids closing involuntarily and most often happens during speech….. Read more: Find out more information on Parkinson’s Disease @

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