Safety Study for an Experimental Treatment of Severe Vision Loss from Advanced Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration

USC Eye Institute
IRB No:  Pro00039475/ Ame00016436
Approval Date:  10/30/2015                                                                                                                                             Expiration Date:  6/30/2016

Safety Study for an Experimental Treatment of Severe Vision Loss from Advanced Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Doctors at the USC Eye Institute are currently seeking volunteers to participate in a clinical research trial to evaluate a new investigational treatment for patients suffering from severe vision loss from advanced dry age related macular degeneration (Dry AMD).  The University of Southern California (USC) Keck School of Medicine’s Eye Institute is conducting this clinical trial, which includes testing the safety and the effects of surgically replacing some of the cells that are damaged and lost in the disease.  This investigational treatment is not yet approved for general use in the public and this is an investigational study that is being conducted on a limited number of volunteer subjects at the USC Eye Institute only.  The implanted cells have been generated from modified human embryonic stem cells that have been thoroughly tested and approved for such use.
Patients in the following groups are invited to call for an assessment:

  • Females and Males diagnosed with advanced Dry Age-related Macular Degeneration (Dry AMD)
  • Ages 55-85 years
  • Severe vision loss due to Dry AMD in at least one of the eyes
  • Willing to consider a surgical procedure to replace damage and lost cells in the retina
  • Willing to undergo diagnostic testing after surgery to monitor the response of the retina

The study involves multiple visits to USC Clinic. You will be transported from your home for the visits or be compensated for travel costs.
The University of Southern California as well as some of its faculty and doctors are inventors of the methods and devices used in this study.  Therefore the University of Southern California and it’s faculty have a financial interest in the clinical trial, the devices and the surgical methods that will be used in this trial.
If you are interested in receiving more information, please call the USC Eye Institute at 323-442-6490 or 323-442-6372 and ask for an appointment with Dr. Amir H. Kashani M.D. Ph.D.