Service Helps Visually Impaired

By Mark Charter
Whether it genetics or just old age, for some, vision loss is inevitable.
A local woman suffers from an eye condition called macular degeneration, but a service has found some ways to make daily life a little more manageable. Vision specialists say when someone suffers from macular degeneration, they lose sight in the central part of the eye. “I know you’ve got a face, but I can’t see it clearly,” says Terry Nelson. So unfortunately, many people who suffer from the condition only see well out of their peripherals.
“Over the years, I’ve had people tell me they could see a quarter laying on the floor. When they turn to go and pick it up, it’s gone. Because that’s when they’re using the central vision to try and really focus on what they’re looking at,” says Mike Beck a vision rehabilitation specialist…..More:
Source: KFYR-TVVision loss can be a dangerous thing, especially for those, like Nelson, who is almost 102 years old.“It’s very frustrating sometimes, but that’s the way it goes,” says Nelson. 
Thanks to something called vision rehabilitation therapy, a service that provides equipment, and training to help people stay independent, Terry can still do things like cook for herself.