Silent thief of sight

As many as 60 million people suffer from glaucoma. This number is expected to increase to 80 million in the next two years mainly due to increase in the ageing population. One-sixth of them will be in India, say Surinder Pandav & Jagat Ram.
Glaucoma is a common eye ailment that can lead to severe loss of vision and blindness. Because of its potential to take away sight and leading to darkness in afflicted person’s life, it is also referred to as ‘kala motia’ in local population. In reality glaucoma is not one entity; it is a group of many conditions that result in causing blindness through a common pathway. Vision is usually lost due to slow and progressive damage to the optic nerve. Optic nerve is the connection between the eye and the brain. Eyes capture the image and send it to the brain for recognition and further interpretation, through the optic nerve.  If  the optic nerve is damaged, the brain will not receive any image and one will not see anything even if rest of the eye is normal.
The optic nerve damage in glaucoma can be due to many reasons. But mostly it happens due to increased pressure inside the eyes. Eyes are like a ball. It needs to be inflated with some pressure to maintain its shape otherwise it will collapse. But when this pressure becomes too high then it damages the eye. So, like blood pressure, eye pressure also needs to remain normal.
Glaucoma is a silent disease, as  patients show no symptoms until the disease is quite advanced……
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Source: Tribune Media