The Macular Degeneration Association wanted to share this article with you to help save your children’s eye sight. Our tablets, smartphones and even some TV’s have blue light which can lead to the Juvenile form of #macular degeneration if not used properly.  

Smartphone use can cause irreversible eye damage for children, say doctors

Long term blue-light exposure may lead to juvenile macular degeneration and soon, a point may come when the eye cannot see real colours properly.
by T.A.Bharadwaj


  • 1  Kids as young as three are having eye problems because of watching videos, TV.
  • 2  Hazards of accrued exposure to blue light are still relatively unknown.
  • 3  Children are especially at risk when it comes to negative effects of blue light.

Dev Singh, 15, got addicted to playing the popular game ‘Pokemon Go’, spending hours on his smartphone. This continued till the itchiness in his eyes led to redness and pain. Little did his family know that the blue light emissions from digital devices were causing a severe damage to the teen’s eyes.
“One day, he complained of pain in his eyes that had become watery. Not only this, he had regular headache. We decided to take him to a doctor where we got to know that the incessant exposure to the mobile light had affected his eyesight,” said Deep Kiran, his sister who works as a marketing professional. A class XI student, Singh has been now advised to spend less time on any type of gadgets.


According to experts, children who use smartphones and tablets are at risk of irreversible eye damage. “The trend is extremely disturbing. We are getting kids as young as three who have eye problems because of watching videos, TV and movies. Parents complain that the kids do not eat if they are not allowed to watch TV,” said Dr Geetha Srinivasan, senior consultant, pediatric ophthalmology, ICARE Hospital…….
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Source: India Today