Students designing a portable braille printer for those that are visually impaired. We thought that this was wonderful and wanted to share it.- MDA
Students display a prototype of the Braille printer that would only cost as much as an average Android mobile phone.

In a bid to make technology affordable and accessible to visually-impaired persons, Sandeep Konam, a B. Tech. final-year ECE student at IIIT, Idupulapaya, and a group of IITians are engaged in not only developing a low-cost portable Braille printer that could cost as much as an average Android mobile but also in integrating graphics, tables and images in Indian languages.Mr. Konam and other B. Tech.students — P. Laksh Kumar, V. Shakti Priyan, Ayushman Talwar, Amera Ali, Aparna Hariharan, Sai Revanth Tadepalli, Syed Junaid Ahmed and  Rohith Sirpa — from diverse branches such as design, electronics, mechanical and computer science from IITs and NITs across India, demonstrated a prototype at a workshop titled “ReDx: Engineering the Eye” at Hyderabad recently. A portable working model of a Braille printer was expected  to be optimized by December this year, Mr. Konam said.
Mentored by Elliott J. Rouse, Post-Doctoral Associate of Biomechatronics Group,… Read more:
source: The Hindu