Summer provides additional eye risks

by: ELLY GRIMM Leader & Times

With summer just around the corner, it is important to stay safe in the sun while going about all the many outdoor activities offered. One organ that must stay particularly safe from the summer sun and heat is the eye. 
“The sun can cause damage to the eyes much like with the skin,” Dr. Rhiannon Radcliff with Vision Source of Liberal said. “Having sunglasses is a good thing to use to help protect yourself, even for children. They can notice things like their eyes turning red or becoming irritated or having pain.”
And for those who will be outdoors much of the summer with either work or sports, it is especially important, Radcliff said. 
“There are several different types of glasses and sunglasses. For children in sports, there’s the bands that connect the classes and wrap around the head so they don’t fall off as easily if they’re in a hard-contact sport,” Radcliff said. “There are also swimming goggles for those who like to swim a lot and those all work well underwater. There’s also different types of clip-on devices they can use and contacts they can wear that have UV protection embedded. Sunglasses are definitely a top measure. Much like with the skin, it’s important to stay covered even though there’s not actually a sunscreen for eyes. So use a pair of sunglasses, maybe a hat, just things like that to prevent some of that damage. Then avoid actually looking at the sun directly.”
And summer is also just overall a good time to get an eye exam done, Radcliff said. 
“Summer’s a good time because children are less busy and you don’t have to pull them out of school or anything like that,” Radcliff said. “Parents might also be less busy so summer’s just an overall time to get in for an exam. Then if there are any vision problems, those could lead to learning disabilities and could cause some trouble in school, so it’s also a good idea to get that exam in before the next school year.”
And should some damage occur, Radcliff said the Vision Source of Liberal staff is available to help……..
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Source: Liberal First